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The officers, from Bindura in northern Zimbabwe, were detained on Wednesday after comments were allegedly posted to their Whats App chat group about the delay in payments.

The comments made were "in bad taste" and were meant to undermine President Robert Mugabe's government and possibly incite unrest among civil servants, the Chronicle said.

A local developer and tech security buff, Trevor Sibanda, decided to develop his own bot service, called Zimbot.

He has fashioned it around content that is specific to a Zimbabwean audience.

Teta does this by accessing a solution that was developed by Vodacom to provide customers for Absa Bank with free access to online banking services.

The data consumed by Teta users on Vodacom is charged to In-app advertising is expected to provide revenue for Teta and this will cover the use of Vodacom’s platform.

For the first time, public sector workers did not get additional 13th month cheques or "bonuses", as has been the custom for many years.

Entering “Zim Help” offers access to all the Zimbot commands which include “Zim News”, “Zim Chat” or “Zim Web”.

Zimbot provides 4 core services – a Zimbabwean news feed, a local weather service, an internet browser service and a chatbot service.

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