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This is the dating week that was: Taking the fear out of first dates by allowing you to bring two mates (wingwomen? For £15 each, they’ll match you and two of your friends with three single guys, throw in a free cocktail and let the magic happen…Unfortunately the dudes we got were essentially mutes - the only people I’ve ever met who got interesting after cocktails.The thought of going out the evening of Valentine's Day incites all sorts of anxiety for me.From the "we should have made a reservation", to the circling to find a parking spot, to the waiting for a table, to the overcrowded restaurants and the jacked up prices.After the spring thaw, dating becomes easier again, at least for me.We can sit outside for dinner on summery evenings, take long constitutionals around the monuments here in lovely D. RELATED: The Danger of Holding Out Hope for a Hopeless Relationship There are good things about them. And that, given the right circumstances, can get it poppin’ before it’s wise to do so. Forget movies, TV and anything that involves long moments of inactivity.My friend tipping water all over the table was the most exciting thing that happened all night (they reacted like she’d just told them their Nan was dead), and after an hour propping up the conversation we made our excuses and left.

Basics of rabbit ownership, including housing, litterbox training, diet, enrichment, bunny proofing, and veterinary care are covered in this 45 minute class.The minute I saw him leaning against the wall, I knew it wasn’t going to go well. Like he wasn’t sure that wall would be there if he turned around and looked at it.In taking this date, I’d also gone against one of my firm rules of correspondence: never date a dude that uses emojis. I was working out my exit strategy while my date was in the loo, when a tall Jason Statham-alike in a slightly shiny suit slinked over from the bar.The classes will be offered each month, alternating between locations on the North side of Indianapolis and South side of Indianapolis.The Bunny 101 class is geared toward both new and seasoned rabbit owners.

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