Updating statistics in sql server 2016

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Sales Order Detail Enlarged (PK_Sales Order Detail Enlarged_Sales Order ID_Sales Order Detail ID) WITH FULLSCAN; -- SELECT @@SPID = 57 UPDATE STATISTICS Sales.Sales Order Detail Enlarged (IX_Sales Order Detail Enlarged_Product ID) WITH FULLSCAN; The output above shows that the second update statistic operation issued by session 57 is being blocked by session 56.

It goes without saying that this feature will be an excellent addition in your toolkit for performance troubleshooting and for the debugging of queries.SQL Server 2016, which is at the time of writing is in preview release CTP 2.1, has a great new feature called Live Query Statistics.It allows you to view a live execution plan of an active query, which gives us a fantastic opportunity for troubleshooting and debugging.There are a lot of options for using this command, but we’ll just focus on the ones you’re most likely to use.For full documentation here is the official reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/t-sql/statements/update-statistics-transact-sql You can use this at the table level in which case all statistics objects belonging to that table will be updated: The other thing you may be likely to want to specify is whether the statistics should be updated using a full scan of the table, or just be looking at a sample of the rows.

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