Team fortress 2 updating slow

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Most Web API methods take the following arguments in their URL: The ISO639-1 language code for the language all tokenized strings should be returned in.Not all strings have been translated to every language.Valve launched matchmaking for Team Fortress 2 [official site] on Thursday but its reception wasn’t wholly positive.As well as introducing 6v6 competitive ranked matchmaking, the Meet Your Match Update replaced TF2’s casual ‘quickplay’ with 12v12 unranked matchmaking – and that second mode has frustrated some.The feedback on this weapon has been fairly consistent for a while: Players really hate losing the ability to fight back.Compounding this, the ball has to travel really far in order to disarm players.

For a mode meant to be casual, neither of those was much fun.

These changes are based on online community discussions, emails, playtime data, conversations with players of all skill ranges, and play testing.

Things to keep in mind: Please continue to send us your feedback through the Contact Form on the right taskbar (under "Contact Us"). Removing the queued/delayed-fire concept basically invalidates the original design, so weve started over.

If a language does not have a string, the English string will be returned instead.

If this parameter is omitted the string token will be returned for the strings.

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