Sara quin dating 2016

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They gallantly offer to say their name each time they speak for the benefit of my dictaphone but it’s not necessary.They’ve come to accept that in any interview only a certain percentage of the conversation is going to be about their songs and the rest will be about their identity: as women in music, as twin sisters in music, as gay twin sisters in music. If I were just straight as a musician, maybe I wouldn’t feel as though my life has as much meaning.In a world that romanticizes the unique, Tegan and Sara opted to double-down, selling their art and themselves as a package deal. 1980 to 1996Born on September 19, 1980 in Calgary, to parents who are barely out of their teens themselves, Tegan Rain Quin arrives eight minutes ahead of her twin sister Sara Keirsten Quin.They grow up in the northeast corner, a more racially diverse and lower income part of the city. “So many questions feel like they infantilise us: ‘Do you live together? ’ No, we f**king do not,” says Sara, the younger by eight minutes. But after so long in the public eye, they’re understandably frustrated with being asked the same things about life as identical twins.

I felt unsafe alone in the house with my mom and sister. We always say that some of the most damaged people we know came from homes where the parents didn't get divorced!We did a little more collaborating in the studio than we’ve ever done.For me it was nice, because Sara has a very different way of writing lyrics and it was nice to get her voice on my songs.What used to be an easy band to contact is now balanced between two publicists (the major label contact and the girls’ long-time PR guru), and so incredibly busy that they have time to do press only if they have a day off in between shows.Sara was able to talk to me on one such off day, in between several other interviews, two days before Halloween.

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