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The Romans and the Normans both built fortifications at or near Kendal although on each occasion a new location was chosen.

The structure seen today, Kendal Castle dating from the late twelfth century, saw no military action but acted as the administrative hub for the district.

Forget our brassy Queen of the Patapsco on this side of the Atlantic.

Celtic Baltimore instead is a still-functioning five-trawler fishing village of 340 permanent residents — about a Saturday night's crowd at Bertha's Mussels — clinging to the spiny southwest corner of Ireland facing Spain. It's hard not to be thrilled by the jagged coastal cliffs rising sharply from ever-changing Atlantic sea blues and greens and slate grays.

Bratislava: Along the Danube River bordering Austria and Hungary lies the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava.

There are tip-offs, hon, that you're not in Charm City despite the echoed name.

The presentation that unfolds is a tangle of forests and fields framing thatched cottages, a ruined abbey and a few castles tucked in the green.

On sunny days, the crystal-clear waters sparkle, and as many as 400 sailboats tie up in summer anchorage.

it was a turf and timber structure built - like the nearby forts at Ambleside and Hardknott - to support efforts to encircle insurgents within the Lake District.

Rebuilt in stone in around AD 130, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, it was then briefly abandoned as the frontier was moved north to the Antonine Wall, before being re-occupied upon return to Hadrian's Wall circa-AD 138. Following the Norman Conquest, the first castle was established at Kendal.

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