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Although poaching and environmental pressures threaten all of The Big Five animals, there are differences in conservation status among them.Rhinos are critically endangered, whereas lions, elephants, and leopards are vulnerable and Cape Buffalo are the least threatened.If you have researched safaris and wildlife, including how to volunteer with animals abroad, then you are sure to have come across The Big Five animals of Africa. The term ‘The Big Five’ includes the African lion, the black rhinoceros, the African elephant, the African leopard and the Cape buffalo.Surprisingly though, the term The Big Five does not refer to their size.These animals lure you in with googly eyes and infuriatingly strokeable fur…

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While these stings are not often fatal, they can be. They are not only relatively gentle creatures in nature, but they are also terrific parents and would protect their young to the bitter end. Many birds have an instinct to protect their young when approached by a predator, but they will eventually give up if the predator is too strong or dangerous to deter. They will keep going until either they are dead, or the pursuant is, whichever comes first.Deception in animals is the transmission of misinformation by one animal to another, of the same or different species, in a way that propagates beliefs that are not true.Deception in animals does not automatically imply a conscious act, but can occur at different levels of cognitive ability.Mimicry and camouflage enable animals to appear to be other than they are.Prey animals may appear as predators, or vice versa; both predators and prey may be hard to see (crypsis), or may be mistaken for other objects (mimesis).

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