Gym rat dating

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With your new ‘fit’ partner around, going to bed after 11 will be a rarity and not waking up with the sun, a crime.

Yep, get used to it and sing along – Once you bring your nose out of the plate of French fries and observe, you will see that fitness freaks love checking themselves out – which is why they love the gym – wall to wall mirrors, floor to ceiling mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, everywhere!

By doing so, you become more aware on how to market yourself when executing your mission plan to date her.

Here are 10 opportunities to talk to her: Getting noticed will be fairly easy if you are confident, fit and extroverted.

But after a certain threshold – described by scientists as a “sweet spot” – the extra time working up a sweat made no difference to the amount of calories burned.

Experts said it might explain by those who embark on gym routines in a bid to weight loss often see weight loss hit a plateau after a few months.

Dr Pontzer said such lifestyles might involve walking or cycling to work, taking the stairs rather than the lift, and a couple of bursts of exercise, such as gym trips, during a week. "The most physically active people expended the same amount of calories each day as people who were only moderately active," said Dr Pontzer.

When you are dating a fitness freak, you realize that you are brought into the thick of training your body to be fit too – much like a devout follower of the religion that your partner has sworn himself to – FITNESSSS!

The gym has become a Mecca for 'meeting and greeting' new people.

This 'meat market' has increased the popularity of single sex gyms and fashionable workout clothes.

Lead scientist Dr Herman Pontzer, from the City University of New York, said the findings showed that exercise alone was not enough to prevent or reverse weight gain.

He said he decided to explore the link between activity and energy expenditure after working among a community of traditional hunter-gatherers in northern Tanzania.

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