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It was an extremely challenging project (it was so difficult to reinterpret the vintage dolls the movie is inspired from), the art team headed by our production designer Kendal Cronkhite and art director Tim Lamb did such an amazing job!

Overall it was a super fun project full of saturated color, dance and directors with the best sense of humor.

Check out some of the work of other amazing contributors HERE. It’s been a while since I moved but I still have great memories of sketching with friends over there. After drooling over Daumier’s work for so long, I started taking some liberties, pushing and pulling things in and out of the light for staging purposes.

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I still prefer oil for its “buttery” quality, but this does the trick in terms of practicality, and I’ve started to really enjoy some dry brush effects.

My contribution to the “Searle in America” fundraiser auction.

The whole piece took about a week and a half of very intense painting. If you want to see more stuff, here’s my artist page: https:// Happy painting!

Posted by Carlos Felipe León on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 This is a piece commissioned by Oculus Story Studio for the launch of Quill, the VR painting tool the studio has created.

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