Dishwashers accommodating larger plates

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The result is a dishwasher that is more robust, uses less energy and runs more quietly.

But before you call off your get-together, consider investing in a dishwasher.

Besides conservation, there’s a compelling financial reason to upgrade: An Energy Star-rated dishwasher could save you more than per year.

The question really isn’t why should you buy a dishwasher; it’s why shouldn’t you?

On the market today are a generous variety of options, ranging from plain-Jane models with few frills to pricier, fully programmable “smart” models that do everything but load and unload automatically. We’ve laid out a handful of key considerations to keep in mind. The standard dimensions are 24 inches wide by 34 inches tall (34 inches being the height of most countertops and base cabinetry). A compact washer is usually fitted with one or two racks, while a standard size holds two or three, enough to accommodate at least eight place settings.

In any case, adjustable upper racks and removable baskets earn bonus points, as either feature goes a long way toward accommodating awkwardly shaped items.

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