Breast cancer and dating Chat six list

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When I found out during a routine doctor’s appointment that I had a lump in my left breast, my plans for having a family evaporated.

Maybe it reminds you of your mom or your aunt or your grandma who bravely battled this disease. You probably don’t picture a 29-and-a-half-year-old, green smoothie-making, vegetarian-eating, marathon-running, healthy young woman. But the memory of my doctor saying to me, "By the way, we should talk about when you want to have your ovaries removed as well" is the one thing I remember the way I remember where I was on 9/11.

They may not know anyone else like them," says Janine Guglielmino, a spokeswoman for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a nonprofit outside Philadelphia.

Breast cancer is "a very different experience for a woman who may not have a wonderfully reliable spouse," Guglielmino says. The guy doesn't always say, 'I'll be there for you.

Since then I've been on disability, and it's hard to imagine anyone seeing me as a potential partner.

Among other things, I can't have kids and I have a disfigured right breast. That statistically, I don't have long to live?

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