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The technologies that bring us together are making me more resentful of the ones that tear us apart. My husband sends me new articles disputing the scanners’ safety whenever he finds them, and that appears to be often. Friends got on my case when the scanners first came out. Hiding a curse, a sigh, or something worse — these are not my best moments — I let him know as warmly as I can that I need to opt out. It’s easier to do that with people far away than with the people swirling all around me. If we can keep our exposure to a minimum, I think we’ll all be grateful.

Running counter to the technologies of unity are the technologies of distrust. That’s not to say the matter is settled; far from it. That’s how I ended up with frequent, extended stays in technology-supported . First, I’m unlucky enough to be in the wrong line at the wrong time and am asked by a security officer to step up to the scanner instead of the metal detector. Dismissed, I pull on my boots, throw my backpack over my shoulder, and pull out my phone to check Facebook, respond on Twitter, send a text, make a call, anything to recharge and reconnect with a human being.

We have a rundown of the key new features in our What to look forward to section.

After a new round of testing, the Fujifilm X-T2 is our new top pick for a high-end mirrorless camera.

With a street price approaching ,000 bundled with a lens, buying the X-T2 is a significant investment in your photography.

I need to try them out to see if the texture hits the mark. I’m their biggest fan, but not in a creepy Stephen King way! You’ll definitely get the cooler/dry temp while you’re visiting I’m sure of it. I love trail mix anything and the fact that they can be gfree even better.

As a side, I google your Spelt Pancakes for one recipe every couple of weeks. I love the idea of a cookbook of just granola bars. My only request is to include some gfree or gfree options :). I can see myself making several batches for the hikes I plan to do this summer. I can’t wait to hear about it and I’m sure your nephews will think that whatever you bring is fantastic. The Supersonic Gypsy cookie from Bunner’s Bakery in Toronto.

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