Are andy and erin still dating

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"I think it's really important in terms of Erin's maturity to have someone else to relate to," Kemper says.

"In a surprising way, Erin is craving a more mature relationship that doesn't depend on acting on a whim.

"Then she receives some news while they're watching this that inevitably brings them closer for the moment." Losties? "But I think that's what the writers do so well — combining those darker, sad moments with an overall sense of camaraderie and the sense of, 'We're going to get through this.'" Behind the scenes, the Christmas episode also packed an extra punch as it was the last one ever for the departing show. I've always held Dwight as one of my favorite characters and now 'Dwight Christmas' just takes it to a new level." Kemper admits there were some sentimental feelings filming 's last Christmas episode, but there has been one big upside to Season 9: the return of creator Greg Daniels.

"I feel like I might be expected to say this because it is the last one, but I truly I love this episode so much," Kemper says. Daniels resumed his showrunning duties this season after taking a step back to work on other shows back in Season 4.

So, I think that is such a nice thing to happen in the final season and he spear-headed that." alum Mindy Kaling.

Jim started an athlete-management company (Athlead) with some of his college friends; it’s based in Philadelphia, so he split time there and and in in Scranton.Tuesday night's finale saw us catching up with three of the five original couples (the other two couples, Jess and Dave and Craig and Andy, split on their honeymoons), and happily they all agreed to stay together and give their new relationships a go away from the cameras.Usually, we're treated to a post-show update — where the couples are now and how they're faring — but that didn't happen this time around!Now, we're curious to discover who's still together and who isn't. The decision: They decided to stay together, despite Michael's doubts about Bella's commitment.Bella told Michael she was totally in love with him, he reciprocated and they both said they "150 percent" wanted to stay married. The pair split a few weeks after the show finished filming, with both Michael and Bella citing their different lifestyles as the reason for their split.

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