Adult dating armstrong texas

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Court records indicate that Antonio Armstrong Jr., who is also known as AJ, shot his parents while they slept, as reported by Click2Houston and other media outlets.

The teen then started a fire outside his parents' bedroom and said it was an accident.

While I believe that there is no substitute for education; however I also use my experience in more than 35 years in the same marriage.

The marital relationship, which is still the greatest protection against the rigors and the stresses posed by contemporary life.

I have also experienced different trauma throughout my 65 years at different times so I have the ability to empathize with those who are suffering.

My service dog, Robinhood, a delightful Papillon, who has blessed my life for 12 years, and was such a comfort to me through 12 years of disability continues to add joy to the lives of my clients as he goes to greet them and bring them into the office, decreasing their anxiety about counseling and just making them glad to be there.

And I believe that working with adolescents keeps me connected to our future.

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